Billing Policy

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Billing Policy

Mosyle Fuse MSP Billing Policy

Effective date: April 29th, 2024

This statement sets forth the Billing Policy of Mosyle Corporation (“Company” or “Mosyle”) for those Information Technology Managed Service Providers (“MSP” or “MSPs”) of our software Mosyle Fuse MSP available on (“Mosyle Service”). Although we do not wish to be overly formal in our relationship with our MSP customers, we have found it to be useful to address in some detail the terms of our billing procedure. The below stated Mosyle Fuse MSP Billing Policy (“Policy”) remains subject to the Terms of Service which appears on (“TOS”). Capitalized terms that are not otherwise defined herein have the meaning ascribed to them in the TOS. In this Policy, the words “you” and “your” refer to each MSP; and “we”, “us” and “our” refers to the Company; and “Service” refers to any service provided by us through Mosyle Fuse MSP. Pursuant to the TOS, your usage of the Mosyle Service constitutes your acceptance of this Policy, and your commitment to comply with this Policy.


Billing is charged based on the number of Managed Devices. For the purposes of this Policy, the term “Managed Devices” includes all the mobile devices that were enrolled on the MSP account on Mosyle Fuse MSP and which received any remote command through or originating with Mosyle Fuse MSP (automatically or manually) during the billing period. Except with respect to a “Proper Removal”, as defined below, a device shall be considered a “Managed Device” even if the profile on the enrolled device which enabled such remote communication was manually removed from the device or the device was formatted or wiped after the enroll.

To remove a device from the list of Managed Devices and to avoid further charges under the Policy for a specific Managed Device, you, through an authorized Administrator user, must log in to Mosyle Fuse MSP, click on the Management tab on the top bar, select “Devices” on the menu, select a device and click in “Remove device / Remove MDM” (a ”Proper Removal”).


The only payment method accepted by Mosyle, regardless the number of Managed Devices, is a valid credit/debit card that you have registered on your Mosyle Fuse MSP account. Subscription billing is based on the availability of products and services, not based on usage.

All Mosyle Fuse MSP accounts are setup on a prepaid monthly basis, and payment must be received by Mosyle before any billable product or service is provided/activated. All recurring subscriptions are automatically invoiced and charged to the credit/debit card on file. Payment receipts will be emailed to the Administrator user who had provided the credit/debit card details and concluded the subscription. On the Subscriptions area, Administrators can find the invoices, receipts, and other details.

Invoices are generated, and the credit/debit cards are automatically charged, on the first week of each month (billing period) and will include the prepaid value for the month for all Managed Devices on customer's account for that month plus the value of the Managed Devices added during the ended month and not previously charged. All Managed Devices will be billed for the entire month during which such Managed Devices are removed pursuant to a Proper Removal or enrolled, regardless of the actual number of days such Managed Devices actually remotely communicate with Mosyle Fuse MSP.

On each billing date, Mosyle will invoice and charge the customers based on the largest number of Managed Devices on the billing date.

Cancellation of Subscription: An active subscription is required for all Mosyle Fuse MSP accounts. Mosyle doesn’t provide a FREE version of Mosyle Fuse MSP. If an MSP wants to cancel the subscription, it also means that the Mosyle Fuse MSP account for this MSP will be terminated, and all data deleted in accordance with the Mosyle Fuse MSP Privacy Policy. It’s not possible to maintain an active Mosyle Fuse MSP account without an active subscription. To request a subscription cancelation and account closure, navigate to the Support tab of your Mosyle Fuse MSP account and open a new ticket selecting “Finance/Billing” as the ticket type. Mosyle will not prorate or refund any portion of the subscription fees.


The extent that the Mosyle’s final invoice to an MSP that cancels their subscription does not reflect the actual number of Managed Devices being used by the cancelling MSP, Mosyle will generate a supplemental invoice and will charge the credit card registered with the Company for all Managed Devices that were not included on the initial invoice.


Considering Mosyle Fuse MSP is designed and provided exclusively to Information Technology Managed Service Providers as defined by the Mosyle Fuse MSP Terms of Services, Mosyle understands that the MSP will be using the Mosyle Services as part of their Information Technology Managed Services provided to their MSP Customers. With this in mind, and with the sole goal of empowering and incentivizing MSPs, Mosyle designed a special commission strategy applicable exclusively for Mosyle Fuse MSP.

Based on that, as part of every monthly invoice, the Mosyle Fuse MSP will receive a commission in the form of a credit amount on each invoice (“Commission”), as defined below.

The MSP will always respect the price set by Mosyle and the Commission should represent the margin that MSP will have when passing the costs of Mosyle Fuse MSP to their MSP Customers.

MSP will bear all risk of non-payment by their MSP Customers and will be solely responsible for all of its costs and expenses. MSP may not cancel a purchase or receive any refunds due to non-payment or contract cancellation by any of their MSP Customers.

The Commission will be variable, as described on the tiers below:

(1) First Year: applicable to all Managed Devices enrolled as part of an Internally Separated MSP Customer Account (ISMCA) available under the tab “Customers” of the Mosyle Fuse MSP web management portal, during the first year since the creation of such ISMCA = 100%.

(2) Additional Years: applicable to all Managed Devices enrolled as part of an Internally Separated MSP Customer Account (ISMCA) available under the tab “Customers” of the Mosyle Fuse MSP web management portal, after the first year since the creation of such ISMCA = 30%.

For clarification, an Internally Separated MSP Customer Account (ISMCA) is a logical separation inside of a single Mosyle Fuse MSP account with the goal of allowing MSPs to separate and organize properly the Managed Devices owned and used by their different MSP Customers.

MSPs are not allowed to remove and re-enroll Managed Devices in newly created ISMCAs for the sole purpose of receiving a higher Commission rate after the first year of management of such devices within the same Mosyle Fuse MSP account. If this behavior is identified, Mosyle reserves, at its sole discretion, the right to adopt any applicable action and or close and terminate the Mosyle Fuse MSP account for this MSP.

Frozen Status: For the cases when Mosyle is not able to charge the credit/debit card for more than 15 days, Mosyle may, at its sole discretion, suspend the Mosyle Fuse MSP account and convert it to a “Frozen Status”. The 15 days period is counted from the date of the first debt and the period is not cumulative.

During the period of “Frozen Status”, the MSP will not have access to Mosyle Services for any action.


Each MSP agrees to provide Mosyle 30 days to attempt settlement of any billing dispute before disputing with any third-party credit/debit card company or bank. Should Mosyle receive a chargeback from a third-party credit/debit card company or bank on the MSP’s behalf before Mosyle has been given a chance to resolve the issue, Mosyle has the right to charge the customer for its time spent in resolving such disputes and any associated fees incurred by Mosyle, in addition to the $50 service chargeback fee for failed payment. Regardless of the outcome of the chargeback, Mosyle retains the right to collect on any Services or fees that are due. Mosyle may submit any disputed amounts to a collection agency. Once a chargeback has been received, Mosyle has the right to suspend the account until the matter is resolved.


As a discretionary incentive created by Mosyle, MSPs using Mosyle Fuse MSP may receive, once a year, a potential credit that may be used exclusively for the total or partial payment of a future Mosyle Fuse MSP subscription invoice issued for the same organization as shown on the official receipt issued by Apple for the annual Apple Consultant Network fee. In this case, if the annual spend for a specific MSP with the subscription of Mosyle Fuse MSP is equal or higher than the annual Apple Consultant Network Fee effectively paid, the MSP may experience a credit that would be equivalent to the total value of the annual Apple Consultant Network fee effectively paid.

This benefit, while valid, is based on the following requirements:

(1) Only one annual Apple Consultant Network fee is allowed per Mosyle Fuse MSP account per year.

(2) Only an annual Apple Consultant Network fee effectively paid after the start date of the current Mosyle Fuse MSP subscription can be used to request a credit.

(3) The receipt issued by Apple for the annual Apple Consultant Network fee must clearly make reference to the same Organization registered for the Mosyle Fuse MSP account.

Once a credit is issued, it will be automatically consumed, at the highest amount applicable, for the next invoices issued by Mosyle for the subscription of Mosyle Fuse MSP. MSPs can’t retain the credit for future use.
The duration of each credit is 1 year from the date it was approved. After this period any balance, total or partial, not used for payment for the subscription of Mosyle Fuse MSP will be cancelled.

The credit is not transferable in any condition and can’t be used or received by the MSP in any way other than the automatic usage as total or partial payments of the immediately subsequent invoices issued by Mosyle for the subscription of Mosyle Fuse MSP.

In the case the subscription of Mosyle Fuse MSP is cancelled or not renewed by the MSP, any open balance for the credit will be immediately cancelled.

In order to request the credit, the Primary Leader for a Mosyle Fuse MSP account must open a new Support Ticket by selecting the type “Finance/Billing" and attaching an unmodified copy of the receipt issued by Apple for the annual Apple Consultant Network fee. Mosyle has a discretionary right to approve or deny any credit request.

The existence or benefits of the Apple Consultant Network annual fee credit can change at the sole discretion of Mosyle at any time without creating any rights to any MSP. However, in case of changes that would reduce or eliminate the benefits of the credit, Mosyle will honor the credits already granted at the time of the change.


Fees for any and all Mosyle subscriptions, products and/or services are expressly nonrefundable under any circumstances.