Deployment, Management, Security, Identity, Privacy. Unified for your success.

Mosyle Fuse MSP integrates Device Management, next-generation Apple Endpoint Security, Encrypted Online Security & Privacy, device Identity Management, and Patch Management on a single platform especially designed for Apple devices used at work.

This makes Mosyle Fuse MSP the only product you will ever need to address the Apple device needs of any business, from a local family-restaurant to the hottest new startup in town.


Enhanced Apple Device Management

  • Beyond just Apple MDM capabilities for macOS, iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, visionOS & tvOS. View more
  • All integrations customers will need. And much more. View more
  • Mosyle Embark. Elegant & Informative Mac Setup. View more
  • Fully automated deployment and continuous management. View more
  • Encrypted Screen View and Remote Management. View more
  • Complete Google Chrome Management for Mac. View more
  • Best remote scripting for macOS with Generative Al. View more
  • The only 100% truly "Day-Zero" Apple MDM. View more
  • Privacy + Management = User Enrollment for BYOD. View more

Next-Gen Apple Endpoint Security

  • Fully Automated Apple Hardening & Compliance. View more
  • Next-Gen Mac Antivirus. View more
  • The only Al-Based Automated Zero Trust for Mac. View more
  • Privilege Management with Admin On-Demand. View more

Automated Online Privacy & Security

  • Purpose built for macOS, iOS, and iPadOS. View more
  • Online Privacy for Customers and End-Users. View more
  • Only Apple-specific Online Threat Protection. View more
  • Powerful and customizable filtering for Compliance. View more

macOS Identity Management & SSO

  • Automate and standardize user creation with any IdP. View more
  • Bring Google, Microsoft, Okta and others to Mac login. View more
  • Add extra Mac security with 2FA. View more
  • Automatically sync IdP password with Mac local user. View more

Best-in-Market Apps Management

  • Full support to Apple Apps & Books with multiple tokens. View more
  • Hundreds of ready-to-deploy Mac apps with Apple (App) Catalog. View more
  • Complete automation of app permissions (PPPC). View more
  • Support for PKG, Enterprise, and Custom apps. View more

Understand now why Mosyle Fuse MSP is the only solution you will need?


Individualized customers.
Unified device management.
Simply "MSP Perfection".

MSP Level Management for General Profiles & Policies

Create and manage single MSP Level Profiles and Policies for Device Management, Endpoint Security, Online Security & Privacy, Identity Management and Apps Management and automatically apply them to all current and new customers, so onboarding new customers will literally take you only a few minutes.

Customer Level Management for critical polices & integrations

For exceptional cases where separation is better or even required, MSPs can manage each customer individually. This is critical for things like Apple Push Certificate, IdP integrations, or even profiles such as VPN, Exchange and others.
With this, Mosyle Fuse MSP offers the perfect balance between optimization and flexibility.

Centralized MSP billing but individualized reporting

Simple and automated monthly billing ensure MSPs are only paying for licenses actually used by customers, ensuring that no resources are wasted.
Additionally, to optimize customer billing, Mosyle Fuse MSP supports export of comprehensive breakdowns per customer, so no extra time is spent by MSPs when billing their customers.

Your growth is also our responsibility.

We help MSPs to boost their cashflow like nothing else.

Mosyle Fuse MSP also introduces a commission policy never seen before. Apple MSPs leveraging Mosyle Fuse MSP will receive 100% commission for the entire first year of each new customer, allowing them to not only recoup the cash used to acquire the customer, but also create resources to invest in the acquisition of the next customer. This unique policy creates an infinity loop where Mosyle not only helps Apple MSPs to provide the best services, but also finances the expansion of their businesses.

After the first year, an aggressive commission schedule continues to guarantee the absolute lowest price on market. For more details, check our Billing Policy.

And we will pay your Apple Consultants Network fee.

Apple MSPs using Mosyle Fuse MSP may also experience all the powerful benefits of the Apple Consultants Network program for FREE.

Mosyle will refund, in the form of a credit to be used for paying future Mosyle Fuse MSP invoices, the cost of one Apple Consultants Network annual fee per year during a valid Mosyle Fuse MSP subscription. For more details, check our Billing Policy

The best value for Apple MSPs, hands down.

Mosyle Fuse MSP formacOS

$0.00 USD month
per device after special
first year commission
$2.33 USD month
per device after
regular commission

Mosyle Fuse MSP for iOS & iPadOS

$0.00 USD month
per device after special
first year commission
$1.17 USD month
per device after
regular commission

Mosyle Fuse MSP for watchOS

$0.00 USD month
No additional license or fee.
Mosyle sees Apple Watch management as an extension of iPhone management. So all Apple Watch management features are included as part of an iPhone license.

Mosyle Fuse MSP for tvOS

$0.00 USD month
No additional license or fee.
Each paid macOS or iOS/iPadOS license on Mosyle Fuse MSP allows for the complete management of Apple TVs at no cost. Yep, no one else does it.

We beat any competitor on value.
(Mic drop).

No other Apple-specific endpoint management and security provider is able to match the groundbreaking value Mosyle can offer to Apple MSPs through Mosyle Fuse MSP.

But even if they try, we will beat them each and every single time.

Bring us a quote matching all capabilities of Mosyle Fuse MSP at a lower price and we won't simply match it. We will beat it.

Oops... got so excited talking about how we will help you grow that we forgot to share a bit about us.

Apple devices

We're proud to hold the fastest customer adoption ever on Apple endpoint management and security market. Since we started in 2016, more than 47,000 individual customer accounts and 7 million Apple devices joined Mosyle. To put in perspective, this is more than 20X the growth experienced by other Apple MSP focused provider.

Since we launched, no other Apple endpoint management & security company innovated more and faster than Mosyle.
We were the creators of the Apple Unified Platform, the first to bring Declarative Management, the first to introduce Apple Watch management, the first to bring Generative Al to the Apple IT market, the first to use proprietary Al to revolutionize Zero Trust...

Yep... We agree.
Talking about you is way cooler than talking about us. So request your account and let’s focus on you.

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We’re proudly different!

We’re proudly Different

If we had to describe Mosyle using a single word that we would be confident our customers, team members and shareholders would agree, this word is DIFFERENT. So we decided to put this page together and share more about what makes us unique with friends like you.

We've attracted the top B2B software investors, but we never needed any money.

Mosyle has shattered the mold of Apple Device Management & Security. While others relied on massive venture capital, we bootstrapped our way to the top, achieving record profitability and free cashflow in the industry. We didn't just earn investor trust – we surpassed it.

But why raise $215 million if we didn't need it? Simple. We're playing the long game. This investment wasn't about survival; it was about evolution.

With the money, we facilitated exits for shareholders focused on short-term returns, welcoming and keeping only partners who share our unwavering commitment to long-term customer success. Because of our unique financial health and the long term alignment of our shareholders, we control our own destiny, and are empowered to make decisions solely based on what's best for our customers, year after year.

This laser focus on customer success isn't just a tagline; it's our DNA. It's why we offer more value than anyone in Apple Device Management & Security, delivering unmatched features and support at an unbeatable price. It's why every decision we make, from product roadmap to pricing strategy, prioritizes long-term needs of our customers.

Mosyle isn't going anywhere. We're here to stay, driven by a singular purpose: to be the best, most trusted Apple Device Management & Security partner you'll ever find. Join us on this journey and experience the Mosyle difference.

For us customer logos are not hunting trophies.

Over 47,000 organizations leverage Mosyle to manage and protect millions of Apple devices. Among those organizations there are several large companies, global brands, government entities, very large school districts but also local businesses, new startups, and inspiring non-profit organizations.

While competitors brag about their customers (misrepresenting in several opportunities) and expose them for the selfish goal of auto-promotion, we’re again DIFFERENT. Our values and culture don't allow us to see customer logos as hunting trophies that should be hung on the wall but as organizations that made the important decision of trusting their most important work for us to manage and protect, expecting from us nothing less than an unwavering commitment to delivering on their expectations.

So if you are looking for a list of impactful logos on our website, you won’t find it and that’s intentional. While we understand that it may be beneficial for a new potential customer to see known brands on our website as part of building initial trust, we also believe that you would not want your logo hanging on our website one year from now.

Focus on long-term customer relations over short-term revenue growth.

Standing apart in a landscape of short-term gains, we at Mosyle focus on building long-term relationships with our customers. Unlike others driven by quarterly pressures or fleeting funding rounds, we invest in establishing trust, loyalty, and reciprocity.

This commitment allows us to continuously improve product quality and reach, releasing new modules and features regularly, and making them available to our customers at no additional cost. This continuous development ensures our products become progressively more valuable over time, resulting in decreasing cost per user for our customers. In contrast, our competitors often charge for each new feature, inflating customer costs and ultimately hurting value.

It also drives us to work hard to maintain consistent pricing. We understand the frustration of constant price hikes. While we cannot guarantee future price stability, we are proud to say we have never raised prices and strive to avoid doing so in the future. This stands in stark contrast to competitors who frequently increase their costs, leaving customers frustrated and searching for alternatives.

By prioritizing long-term customer relationships over short-term gains, we believe we are building a stronger, more sustainable future for both our company and our valued customers.